&ignoring the fact I probably don't have enough of these to legitimize it yet.

Reading is fun, fun, fun, fun, reading is fun for everyone~ )
Oh Say Can You See Or Of Blindfolds and Snark
Nakai/Kimura | R | 2,254 words

Wrote this badboy for the jekinkmeme, found it again while trolling through my unfinished stuff and figured I might as well post it. But SERIOUSLY. Why do I write so much 2top? They need to stop it with their dynamic obviously not really.

The keys are still in the ignition and the headlights are hot on the back of his knees )
1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these then post them.

Not only did some of these end up waaaaay longer than I expected them to, I admit to doing the first three in one go at one in the morning last week and then doing the last seven this weekend in the middle of the night in the middle of my camping trip. Still surprised I only shuffle'd across one SMAP song. idk how I feel about the style of these drabble-like things, the exposition feels really abrupt But Maybe Now I Can Get Back To That 2k Threesome I Started. 8|

"Everything I want to see is right here" )

So I wrote three drabbles on my phone during the boring parts of a wedding last night. I always get the most ideas for other fic when I'm struggling over a one-shot. ;AA;

S&M - Nakai/Goro )

Message Sent - Tsuyoshi/Shingo )

Probabilities - Nakai/Kimura )
Chew or I Chews You
Nakai/Kimura | PG | 100 words

Nakai's ear burns when the taller man touches his elbow )
Try, Tried, Trying
Shingo/Tsuyoshi, SMAP | PG-13 | 2,584 words


Shingo’s suddenly reminded of late nights spent on the couch with Tsuyopon, beers between their knees )
We Paint Dreams Behind Our Eyes
| PG | 2,267 words

Belated X'SMAP gift for [ profile] faiee. Not only is this belated but I was having so much trouble with it too. I'm sorry, bb! You deserve waaaaay better but I knew I wanted to write you a  'fic and I thought this would be the best opportunity and I hope I didn't screw it up too much. I don't even think I can use the excuse this is my first satasma. DD:

DESPITE AAAAALL OF THIS, I LOVE YOU THROUGH & THROUGH AND THINK YOU'RE THE BEST AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT CRAPPILY WRITTEN 'FIC OR NOT. 8DD Thank you for always being around to flail fail with and writing fucking amazing 'fic yourself and for being a constant (despite the fact we've both been so busy this year) whether it's fandom or anything else--you're just always there. You rock my socks and my bed too and you're the only person I'd give Nakai-baby to without a second thought. ILU LIKE WOMEN LOVE KIMURA.<44

Things don’t always go as planned; Nakai knows that, he’s looking at it in his kitchen right now; lumbering with a grace that shouldn’t be there. )
Pineapple Juice
Arashi, Gen | PG

Another comment 'fic (from the summer) I found hibernating in my computer. This time inspired by the word "Pineapple" and
this stream of amazing. That's right. Oh-chan & pineapples was single-handedly the hottest thing this summer (still is).

And suddenly he was tasting pineapple and tans )
Arashi, Gen
| PG

A comment 'fic I'd written in the summer, completely inspired by this. I really should write more Uh-rash-ee though who would've thought I started writing fanfic' of them and not SMAP.

"Hey! I'm very impressive I'll have you know." )
I Think We Hit A Wall
| NC-17

I swear, weeks ago I started this with the intention of actual plot, now I just feel dirty. Srsly tell me I wrung emotions out of this somewhere.

Kimura lifts an unsteady hand and pushes the fringe of his beanie back from Nakai’s brow )
Frosted Flakes
Shingo/Kimura | PG

Birthday 'fic for [info]25lalalee36! I hope it's all right? Hahah, I tried not to overthink it (because that's when I start second guessing and things go down the drain) and just went with the idea that ShinTaku's your OTP. It's always the thought that counts, right? I hope ;DD It was a lot of fun though and again, HAPPY VAGINAL ESCAPE! You totally deserve more, srsly, but it's the least I could do.

HBD!  )
Kimura/Goro | PG

I definitely wrote this in five minutes on the bus to school this afternoon on some ratty line paper I found in my backpack (thank god) while listening to Lion Heart on repeat. I keep having a TakuGoro itch, maybe this drabble'll be the start of something long? I hope so. I want to write more TakuGoro (woohoo for my first TakuGoro). 
"Why are you here?" )

We Are SMAP!
Kimura/Nakai, SMAP | PG | Part 1

Moar 2TOP? I think so. This is completely inspired by a 'fic I read about, I'd say, two years ago. I started this in the summer, well, just the general gist and wrote the whole thing yesterday. This is entirely silly and out of whack for the most part, but I like that.


When Nakai suggests laser beams from his ass for the fifth time, Kimura decides to call it a night. )
Something Like But Not Exactly
| PG-13 | Part 1

Another one-shot that has to be split into parts. LJ? I don't like you sometimes. This came out of nowhere a week ago and I was planning on just making it a drabble (the idea kept bugging me), but then it took matters into its own hands and evolved into this. I love 2TOPSMAP in general


Kimura can’t stand it anymore and he pulls Nakai’s beanie completely off, stuffing it under the cushion )



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