I love how it's always during times I really shouldn't, that I get these things done. Like icons!
I'm NGEL, I'd say I had a good chunk of these done since February. Yeah, idkw either. I tend to make icons when I'm bored or simply want to replace one of my own which really just means I make tons between my posts. Ooooor, eventually post icons I originally had no intention of sharing. Heh. :*

Ohmygawd! Fandom icons! Finally! I really wanted to make a batch that had no SMAP whatsoever, but I clearly broke, but it's still okay. They're not the focus here. 8DD

Brought to you by procrastination~♥


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- credit is kinda' necessary :Dbb
- not hotlinking would be very appreciated
- letting me know which ones you take isn't necessary but ridiculously swell, hahah
P.S. I have no problem sharing the original pictures, so don't be afraid to ask. 8DD


I've already had this batch done for a couple of days now (and I don't know if that's sad or impressive considering I didn't post my last batch that long ago).


This time was really fun (I've said that every icon-post haven't I?), but I reallyREALLY mean it this time. I went all out texture/brush/text-wise, which started off pretty difficult (since I'm a fan of sincere colours and effective crops), but I think it turned out decently. I feel sorry for Aiba since he's who I first started with and I feel like the quality of his icons have been jipped because of that (but he's still prettiful, ne? There's actually one of him that's definitely in my top 5 for this batch).

Hohum. What else? Ah! As promised, this was Arashi-centric (I felt bad about last time although I don't regret focusing on Eito - they're the awesome). I made sure to do at least 10 of each member (no one was left out, hahah), so I hope you enjoy 'em. I had a hell of a time playing around, I think I'm slowly easing my way into my own style (can I say that already? This is only my sixth batch).

P.S. Just credit me as so (credit user: [livejournal.com profile] dictionarysays ) when taking these badboys, yanno, the usual, hahah.
P.S.S. I'm still too curious for my own good, so lemme' know which numbers you end up taking.
P.S.S.S. Thanks again for the lovely feedback previously.
P.S.S.S.S. These badboys aren't bases, so, y'know, don't use 'em as such, hahah.
P.S.S.S.S.S. Like always, feedback is ridiculously appreciated. :)

001 - 010 : Sho Sakurai
011 - 122 : Ohno Satoshi
023 - 032 : Ninomiya Kazunari
033 - 042 : Matsumoto Jun
043 - 043 : Aiba Masaki
054 - 063 : Arashi Pairings
064 - 069 : Arashi

070 : Yokoyama Yu
071 : Yasuda Shota
072 : Shibutani Subaru
073 : Nishikido Ryo
074 : Okura Tadayoshi
075 : Maruyama Ryuhei
076 : Murakami Shingo
077 - 078 : Kanjani
079 : T.O.P.
080 : Taeyang
081 : Seungri
082 - 084 : G-dragon
085 : Daesung
086 - 087 : Big Bang
088 - 089 : Rain (Bi)

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It looks like I've joined the icon-making bandwagon.
Admittedly, I have been intrigued and enthralled by the people who make 'em and the (usually) spectacular end results. I came up with the idea on Friday night that I would try dabbling and these bad boys are what I came up with.
At first I was all for Arashi-only icons, but 30 icons in and I really just started experimenting with several of my other Asian loves, as well.
All in all? It's been really fun, I think I'm gonna' keep doing this.
And yah, you can tell which ones were my beginning experiments and which ones I had started getting the hang of PS CS2 again.
So, here we go, I'll just number and label 'em so people know who is who, in case they spot someone new to 'em.

All comments and feedback are ridiculously appreciated, hahah.
P.S. If there's any you end up taking, just lemme' know and a nice credit'll do (I'm also all for using these as bases, just credit me and show me what you come up with, too. It'd be cool to see).
P.S.S. Enjoy! :)

[1 - 5] : Aiba Masaki
[6] : Chibi Aiba Masaki & Ohno Satoshi
[7 - 11] : Matsumoto Jun
[12 - 19] : Ninomiya Kazunari
[20 - 27] : Ohno Satoshi
[28 - 37] : Sakurai Sho
[38] : Shibutani Subaru
[39] : Shirota Yu
[40] Daigo Stardust
[41 - 42] : Kimura Takuya as Mr. Brain
[43 - 44] : Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo
[45 - 46] : Park Hyo Shin
[47] : Kang Daesung
[48] : Kwon Ji-Yong aka G-Dragon
[49] : Daniel Henney
[50] : Heok Yung Hwan
[51] : Yoo Jae-suk
[52 - 53] : Ha Dong Hoon aka HaHa
[54] : Park Myung Soo
[55] : Kim Hyung Jun
[56-57] : Kim Jong Hyun

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