I somehow made 100+ icons in four days (without noticing, being bored or even flabbergasted). It was fun. I focused a lot on colours and crops this time around and some text.

Like I've said a bajillion times before (it seems), the colours and crops are my favourite aspects of an icon, hahah. I wasn't in the mood for too many textures/brushes/text; many of these I'd like to use myself, so I guess this batch is some sort of success.

BTW, I'd say 98.3% of these icons are screencaps I've had lodged in my computer for ages (just waiting to be used!). I decided I needed to clear 'em out (there was around 3000+, it took a lot of power to delete the previous 10,000 I had without looking back and barely using 'em either). I love that I managed to use PS to (WARNING: CLICHE AHEAD) bring to life some of these caps, I literally adork Sho's expressions (there were SO many of his I didn't end up using because I could've made 50 icons just of him and my bias for Oh-chan is already showing through, I didn't need to make it any worse).

P.S. Just credit me as so (credit user: [info]dictionarysays ) when taking these badboys, yanno, the usual, hahah.
P.S.S. I'm still too curious for my own good, so lemme' know which numbers you end up taking.
P.S.S.S. Not hot-linking would be awesome, please and thanks.
P.S.S.S.S. These badboys aren't bases, so, y'know, don't use 'em as such, hahah.
P.S.S.S.S.S. Like always, feedback is ridiculously appreciated. :)

arashi, kanjani8, & smap )
I've already had this batch done for a couple of days now (and I don't know if that's sad or impressive considering I didn't post my last batch that long ago).


This time was really fun (I've said that every icon-post haven't I?), but I reallyREALLY mean it this time. I went all out texture/brush/text-wise, which started off pretty difficult (since I'm a fan of sincere colours and effective crops), but I think it turned out decently. I feel sorry for Aiba since he's who I first started with and I feel like the quality of his icons have been jipped because of that (but he's still prettiful, ne? There's actually one of him that's definitely in my top 5 for this batch).

Hohum. What else? Ah! As promised, this was Arashi-centric (I felt bad about last time although I don't regret focusing on Eito - they're the awesome). I made sure to do at least 10 of each member (no one was left out, hahah), so I hope you enjoy 'em. I had a hell of a time playing around, I think I'm slowly easing my way into my own style (can I say that already? This is only my sixth batch).

P.S. Just credit me as so (credit user: [livejournal.com profile] dictionarysays ) when taking these badboys, yanno, the usual, hahah.
P.S.S. I'm still too curious for my own good, so lemme' know which numbers you end up taking.
P.S.S.S. Thanks again for the lovely feedback previously.
P.S.S.S.S. These badboys aren't bases, so, y'know, don't use 'em as such, hahah.
P.S.S.S.S.S. Like always, feedback is ridiculously appreciated. :)

001 - 010 : Sho Sakurai
011 - 122 : Ohno Satoshi
023 - 032 : Ninomiya Kazunari
033 - 042 : Matsumoto Jun
043 - 043 : Aiba Masaki
054 - 063 : Arashi Pairings
064 - 069 : Arashi

070 : Yokoyama Yu
071 : Yasuda Shota
072 : Shibutani Subaru
073 : Nishikido Ryo
074 : Okura Tadayoshi
075 : Maruyama Ryuhei
076 : Murakami Shingo
077 - 078 : Kanjani
079 : T.O.P.
080 : Taeyang
081 : Seungri
082 - 084 : G-dragon
085 : Daesung
086 - 087 : Big Bang
088 - 089 : Rain (Bi)

arashi, kanjani8, bigbang, & rain )

So apparently, this was a long time coming? I don't know what it is, but since my last post I've just been hella' busy (which is awesome and still surprising since I still don't have a job, yah, I've kinda' given up on that, there's only so many interviews I can go through without any return results), but, instead of working I've made these. Hahah.

Lucky you (and you, and you, and most certainly you). ;)

I apologize in advance, this is really an Eito batch, ne? I consider this one of the few ways I'm compensating Eito for having made such small amounts of icons (as much as I ADORK!!! them). I love them like I love Arashi (and for entirely different reasons). But yah, fellow JE love, let's just call this that for now... yeah, I'm not BSing that or anything.... /shifty eyes

In all seriousness though (serious? Pfft), I really need to get back on my fanfiction, it's worse because I have the next two chapters written out and everything and a one-shot started on my laptop, but it's the copying it down from paper to my laptop that always bogs me down. I will finish it soon, I swear. That and writing the chapter up has made me have to re-hash ideas and edit some things I didn't like from the first go around.

This turned out to not only be a batch post but an update on my mostly mundane life it looks. Don't mind that, hahah.

Onto the good stuff, what you're all here for:

P.S. Just credit me as so (credit user: [info]dictionarysays ) when taking these badboys, yanno, the usual, hahah.
P.S.S. I'm still too curious for my own good, so lemme' know which numbers you end up taking.
P.S.S.S. Thanks again for the lovely feedback previously.
P.S.S.S.S. These badboys aren't bases, so, y'know, don't use 'em as such, hahah.
P.S.S.S.S.S. Like always, feedback is ridiculously appreciated. :)

[1  - 5] : Sho Sakurai
[6 - 10] : Ohno Satoshi
[7 - 14] : Ninomiya Kazunari
[15 - 19] : Matsumoto Jun
[20 - 23] : Aiba Masaki
[24 - 28] : Arashi
[29 - 34] : Yokoyama Yu
[35 - 39] : Yasuda Shota
[40 - 51] : Shibutani Subaru
[52 - 58] : Nishikido Ryo
[59 - 63] : Okura Tadayoshi
[64 - 67] : Maruyama Ryuhei
[68 - 74] : Murakami Shingo
[75 - 78] : Kanjani

[79 - 80] : Katori Shingo from SMAP
[81] : Kimura Takuya from SMAP
[82 - 83] : G-Dragon from
Big Bang

Read more... )
And with that, my largest batch yet (possibly my last). This is hands down my favourite batch, mostly because I was willing to go out there and experiment (it gets stuffy staying in the box). I really liked playing around with different shapes and different text types and whatnot (I'm usually the conventional icon-admirer: interesting crop, fitting colours, rarely text).

This time around, though, I played a lot with mixing it up and don't regret a single thing (I'd say Eito got the brunt of my shape-shifting, hahah). It might be strange but how I usually end up knowing whether or not an icon is finished if I think to myself, 'I totally want to use this as an icon!' and for the majority of these icons, if not all, that's how I feel (that's not egotistical, right? I like liking what I do, hahah).

And yes, I heartily admit that Ohno as Kaibutsu-kun crying with text is my favourite one out of this whole batch (I try not to have favourites, I swear, hahah).

GUH, why am I rambling so? Probably because this might be my last batch and it's kind of a farewell to icon-making (for now). The title says it all, hahah, I did all these in a month because of a ps cs2 free-trial (so thank god for free trials!). I actually made this batch in two days, if not less, it was crazy. All I wanted to do was make icons and listen to music when I was on the computer (it was a ridiculously fun process this time around - the most fun I've had making these - and I really like the results).

Okay, I'm going to stop now because I doubt anyone reads these anyway, and this is just really unnecessary. Also, my brother (the nut) asked me why I wasn't making the hangover icons so I decided to humour him and do so (since we're both idiotically in love with the film anyways except he knows every single line and would marry leslie chow if leslie chow was in fact a real person). I also did a few more Bob's because I couldn't post 'em last batch and I kinda' made a promise, hahah.

Update: So, I definitely spent the majority of my morning (between the hours of 3-5:30) looking for a way to get PS back and lo and behold, I remember that the wonderful world of CRACKS existed, and I finally found one that wasn't entirely sketchy. In sum? I have meself a brand spankin' new cracked!ps cs2! Soooo, everything I said above, almost doesn't compute anymore, but I'll leave it up anyway. The sincerity is still there. :D

P.S. Just credit me as so (credit user:
[info]dictionarysays ) when taking these badboys, yanno, the usual, hahah.
P.S.S. I'm still too curious for my own good, so lemme' know which numbers you end up taking.
P.S.S.S. Yesterday I came across people with my icons and it was a strangenice feeling.
P.S.S.S.S. Like always, feedback is ridiculously appreciated. :)
P.S.S.S.S.S. Thanks for all the feedback if this does indeed become my last batch (I really had fun and you all leaving digustingly nice comments made this totally worth my while besides being fun to do. I'm barely a beginner, but the feedback makes me feel as if I could be more. So really. Thanks.).

[1 - 11] : Sakurai Sho
[12 - 26] : Ohno Satoshi
[27 - 37] : Ninomiya Kazunari
[38 - 46] : Matsumoto Jun
[47 - 58] : Aiba Masaki
[59 - 60] : Yama Pair
[61 - 63] : Sakumoto
[64 - 66] : Ohmiya
[59] : Sakuraiba
[67 - 68] : Juntoshi
[69 - 70] : Junba
[71 - 73] : Aimiya
[74 - 80] : Arashi
[81 - 82
] : Yokoyama Yu from
[83] : Yasuda Shota from Kanjani∞
[84] : Okura Tadayoshi from Kanjani∞
[85 - 86] : Shibutani Subaru from Kanjani∞
[87- 88] : Murukami Shingo from
[89 - 90] : Nishikido Ryo from
[91 - 92] Maruyama Ryuhei from Kanjani∞
[93 - 96] : Bob Marley
[96] : Stu from The Hangover
[97] : Phil from The Hangover
[98] : Leslie Chow from The Hangover
[99] : Doug from The Hangover
[100] : Alan from The Hangover
[101] : The Hangover

arashi, kanjani8, bob marley, & the hangover )

I've had most of these badboys done for a while now; whenever I was in the mood to do something creative that wasn't fanfiction writing, I apparently resorted to icon-making once more.

This set was really fun, I found myself experimenting A LOT this time around. I have the next batch started already and it consists of 12 Ohno icons already that I did in less than half an hour. Dog I love that boy (man? (let's ignore the fact he looks 17 and not nearly 30).

But yup! I also included the rest of my Nino-centric icons that I hadn't posted earlier (I had to hold back many urges to not make any more of him although I succumbed and added a few more because I couldn't resist with all the dashing pictures I have of him on my computer).

P.S. If you plan on taking any, just credit me as so (credit user: [info]dictionarysays ) under the userpic's comment and all shall be good.
P.S.S. Why do I end up writing novels when I post icons? D:
P.S.S.S. Lemme' know which numbers you end up grabbing (I'm a curious beaver like that, hahah).
P.S.S.S.S. Feedback is ridiculously appreciated. :)

[1 - 8] : Sakurai Sho
[9 - 20] : Ohno Satoshi
[21 - 37] : Ninomiya Kazunari
[38 - 50] : Matsumoto Jun
[51 - 54] : Aiba Masaki
[55] : Arashi
[56] : Yama Pair
[57 - 58] : Sakumiya
[59] : Sakuraiba
[60 - 64] : Ohmiya
[65] : Ohba
[66 - 67] : Matsumiya
[68 - 69] : Kanjani∞
] : Kimura Takuya from SMAP
[71 - 73] : Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN
[74] : Daesung from Big Bang
[75] : TOP from Big Bang
[76] : Chan Kwok Kuen as Brother Sum from Kung Fu Hustle
[77] : Misc.
[78] : Bill Nye the Science Guy
[79] : Bob Marley
[80 - 81] : Kevin Spacey
[82 - 85] : Jensen Ackles

arashi, kanjani8, smap, bigbang, kung fu hustle, misc., bill nye the science guy, bob marley, kevin spacey, & jensen ackles )

Woohoo, so a week or so later, and it looks like I've come out with another batch. They're definitely getting easier to do and somehow even more fun than the first time around.
Also, I'd just like to say that Matsujun has faaaaaaaaar too many good-looking pictures for any sane person to choose from and make icons outta'. I just kept digging through my pictures folder and I was astounded at all the awesome faces he could make. Not that the rest of Arashi has to catch up or anything, they're all disgustingly attractive and much fun to make icons with.
And yup, I again made more than just Arashi-cons, because I have lots of love to give. Hahah. ;)
P.S. I'm all cool with people taking these and even using 'em as bases (in the case of bases, I'd just like to see what you end up coming with, if it's no bother).
P.S.S. Credits would be mightily appreciated, so y'know, just input credit: dictionarysays under the userpics comment if you end up using any of these badboys, and that'll be fine (also, it'd be awesome to lemme' know which ones you end up taking, because I'm curious like that, hahah).
P.S.S.S. Feedback is ridiculously appreciated and enjoy! :)

[1 - 6] : Sakurai Sho
[7 - 16] : Ohno Satoshi
[17 - 20] : Ninomiya Kazunari
[21 - 27] : Matsumoto Jun
[28 - 33] : Aiba Masaki
[34 - 39] : Arashi Pairings
[40 - 49] Arashi
[50 - 51] : Shibutani Subaru from Kanjani

[52] : Seymour & Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors
[53] : Park Hae Jin
[54 - 55] : Kimura Takuya
[56] : Kim Hyun Joong from SS501
[57] : Jiro Wang
[58] : Higashiyama Noriyuki
[59] : Domoto Tsuyoshi
[60] : Lee Chang Min from 2AM


arashi, kanjani8, smap, je, ss501, 2am, etc. )
It looks like I've joined the icon-making bandwagon.
Admittedly, I have been intrigued and enthralled by the people who make 'em and the (usually) spectacular end results. I came up with the idea on Friday night that I would try dabbling and these bad boys are what I came up with.
At first I was all for Arashi-only icons, but 30 icons in and I really just started experimenting with several of my other Asian loves, as well.
All in all? It's been really fun, I think I'm gonna' keep doing this.
And yah, you can tell which ones were my beginning experiments and which ones I had started getting the hang of PS CS2 again.
So, here we go, I'll just number and label 'em so people know who is who, in case they spot someone new to 'em.

All comments and feedback are ridiculously appreciated, hahah.
P.S. If there's any you end up taking, just lemme' know and a nice credit'll do (I'm also all for using these as bases, just credit me and show me what you come up with, too. It'd be cool to see).
P.S.S. Enjoy! :)

[1 - 5] : Aiba Masaki
[6] : Chibi Aiba Masaki & Ohno Satoshi
[7 - 11] : Matsumoto Jun
[12 - 19] : Ninomiya Kazunari
[20 - 27] : Ohno Satoshi
[28 - 37] : Sakurai Sho
[38] : Shibutani Subaru
[39] : Shirota Yu
[40] Daigo Stardust
[41 - 42] : Kimura Takuya as Mr. Brain
[43 - 44] : Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo
[45 - 46] : Park Hyo Shin
[47] : Kang Daesung
[48] : Kwon Ji-Yong aka G-Dragon
[49] : Daniel Henney
[50] : Heok Yung Hwan
[51] : Yoo Jae-suk
[52 - 53] : Ha Dong Hoon aka HaHa
[54] : Park Myung Soo
[55] : Kim Hyung Jun
[56-57] : Kim Jong Hyun

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