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TBH, in the beginning of my SMAP-ventures I had a really strong love-hate relationship with the guy. Which really didn't make any sense at the time since I had just finished watching Mr. Brain and being all 'so THIS is what the Kimura Takuya I've heard all about for nearly half my life is like' and was immediately interested a few weeks before. But I do know that it had a lot to do with how ridiculously good-looking he was and for some strange reason, it bothered me a lot, lol. Partly because I was very much sexually frustrated whenever he was on the screen and I usually didn't go for the inherently handsome ones and liked them awkward or rugged or just smth I could obviously point out as some sort of flaw. Seeing perfection or something close to it in a person isn't one of my strong suits. 8D;  

So that went on for a few months, LOL.

I don't remember when exactly it was and I can't pinpoint the exact moment it happened, but gradually, I'd gotten a better sense of Kim and my unjustifiable hate was replaced with pure-pure adoration. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT the gap between his sexy side and dorky side played The Hugest Role in showing me the light. In spite of how flippin' sexy he is and how he never seems to have an off switch for the thing, when he reverts into his more real self I suppose and demonstrates how much of a dork he actually is, it just makes me want to bawww and claw at my breast wishing I could hold him against it. 

Speaking of which, his laugh gets its own paragraph. It is BY A MILE one of the greatest things to have blessed our Earth and I can confidently say this as a person whose bias isn't even Kim. He's not even in my top 3, which says smth, but not actually because the space between my love for each member is barely there as it is, but treat it like its big all the same for this instance. |D He laughs like a 12 yo whose just caught his first fish I think I stole that from a fic I haven't finished and it is just SO endearing and adorable and to think the sexgod would laugh like such a dork. It's glorious. ♥

It's also very nice and makes him more attractive to me on a whole that he's far from perfect. I mean, sure, I joke around and call them flaw-free, but they're not even close except for tsuyopon because I can't find fault with him ever. He's too stubborn for his own good sometimes and is the sorest of losers and sometimes doesn't mention these things when he's asked his weak points, lol, but it's those subtleties about him, the parts that stick out whether they're good or bad and that combine with his other parts like his irrevocable charm and squirrel teeth and dancing skills among a shit load of other things that make him the incredibly interesting person that he is. And omg, this is relatively coherent. Go figure.

I could probably type another few hundred words going on about how Karei Naru is my favourite drama ever or how awesome I think it is that he's married with kids or the brotherly role he plays in SMAP that's sweet but I won't. This is too long as it is, ahaha, and nobody reads these and I need to practice self-restraint anyway. 8|b

tl;dr: Happy 39, you dork. You're not flawless but perfect the way you are all the same. Thanks for being the person you are and letting us in on some of that. Now go be 40 already so you can stun people some more. <33


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▶ credit is totally necessary :D
▶ not hot linking would be very much appreciated
▶ letting me know which ones you take isn't necessary but ridiculously swell, ahaha <33
▶ P.S. I have no problem sharing the originals, so don't be afraid to ask 8DD

Thanks for all the ero-talk too. ♥
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