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That he's painfully shy in real life, his grilled fish consumption, that he doesn't realize how sexy he really is, that he reads books about the history of Lebanon, his gigantic shoe collection (his hat one too), that he used to get terrible stomach fits from public speaking, how pretty he looks when he pinches his nose with his middle finger and thumb, his raspy-husky singing voice, the way he rolls his tongue when he talks like a yankee, that phase he played the piano, his facial hair, how hard he works where no one can see him, his receding hairline, that he's one person on TV and another one at home, when he goes in denial, his hair during Fly, that he literally slaps his knee when he LOLs, all the times he's been a leader (and all the other times he doesn't admit it), the shape of his fingers when he smokes, that he thinks he's a terrible dancer despite  all the evidence that proves otherwise, the way he never really gets old, his jokes that sometimes go too far, the silly faces he makes (especially when everyone else is being srs business), the way he and Shingo are so alike, his god-like MC abilities, his obsession with baseball, the unabashed way he cried when Mori left, the way he cried when Goro returned, that the only way to know if he's lying is if he's talking, his relationship with his family, the body roll he does whenever he's dancing sexy, the songs he composes that nearly always make no sense, the pretty way he blows hair out of his face, his recent comraderie with Goro, that he thinks of members as members and not family or friends, how boss sunglasses look on his face, that he thinks marriage is impossible for him, that he still wants like four kids inspite of that, the way he screams order! like he hasn't been saying it for 15 years, the genuine respect and admiration I've got for the dood, how easy he makes it to fawn over men who are pushing 40, that you never know what he's really thinking, that people confuse him for a comedian, that he has to repeatedly say he's a Johnny or a superstar out loud, that he could probably wear beanies for 1000's of years, that he used to invite Tsuyoshi over for drinks, that he giggles like a 13 yo girl who likes Justin Bieber, that he has Justin Bieber on his ipod, that he's technologically-challenged, that he used the same defunct phone for years, that he never fails to mention the people who leave during his solo, that he doesn't understand the hype over 2top, that he dokkiris people more than he ought to, that he doesn't like acting, how terrible with women he is, that he can count his friends on two hands, that most (if not all) of them are from his hometown, when he shows us his not funny side, that he still does stupid shit, that he makes a prettier girl than me, the muscle definition in his thighs, when he tries to prove himself, the rollercoaster history he and Kimura have, that he can't take a compliment to save his life, that he makes promises he intends to keep, that there's more to him than an idol who can make us laugh, the way he (quietly, unobtrusively) loves SMAP, that he would hate this sort of list, that these are only some of the things I like love about him.

tl;dr: Happy birthday, old man. You're epic at 39, I can't wait for you to be legendary at 40.*
*heretic and I were talking about how half-assed 39 felt, and how we wanted him to turn 40 already.
But all I can do is celebrate the now |D


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36 - 40

- credit is kinda' necessary :Dbb
- not hotlinking would be very appreciated
- letting me know which ones you take isn't necessary but ridiculously swell, ahaha
P.S. I have no problem sharing the original pictures, so don't be afraid to ask 8DD


Thank you for always keeping fandom fun.
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