Personally, it can take a lot of work and sometimes suck rummaging through batches and batches of icons going through other peoples' icons, so I thought I'd try and narrow down the search for anyone who might be going through my own andkilltime.

I've divided it up by fandoms and the numbers are the amount of icons in that particular batch and I'm a nerd. I mean, from the looks of it, I obviously don't have biases, hahah. 8DDD

Where do I find the time?? )
I know you don't usually dedicate icon batches to people, but I'm doing it anyway. I dedicate this batch to [livejournal.com profile] spiralyte because not only is she my ridonkulous-and-long-comment-convo's buddy and general flailer and failer bb but she helped me come to the realization that I was being a dumbarse for always putting SMAP at the end of these things  I didn't want to intimidate the majority of the people checking these badboys out who were probably popping in for the uh-rash-ee and rainbows and has let me see the error of my ways. Thank you for threatening me repeatedly and kicking my ass. <44

This has been a long time coming, though, like, srsly. Some of these have been wasting away in my folder for nearly two months. That's crazy. DDD:

I've been so distracted by other things, especially specific icon batches (mostly hbd ones)--which kept dragging me away from my general batches (which I love to do).

Admittedly, this batch doesn't feel completely complete but it's just a way to get these out there since I like a lot of them for the most part. I realize it's kind of all over the place. My bad. I had a lot of really random kicks these past few months in terms of who I wanted to make icons of. 8DD

Let's ignore the fact I'm missing regulars like, the lovelylovely Eito ;A;

I don't think I have much else to say, strangely enough. OH! The Karei naru Ichizoku icons were mostly me getting overzealous (BAD TENDENCY BAD) and being all, Imma' make icons for each episode because fucking amazing drama is fucking amazing and it deserves that and so much more~! I finished E01 and got as far as making screencaps for E02 before I just lost all motivation because, making screencaps ACTUALLY KILLS MY HEART.

If I could stumble across a magical goldmine of screencaps of the drama, my life would genuinely be complete and I could rest in peace. :DDD

Ohwell. One day I'll get to the rest of it.


smap, uh-rash-ee, 33pun tantei & karei naru ichizoku )

Any excuse to use a Shingo-gif I've made 8DD



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