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This would've been on time if it weren't for crummy wi-fi on campgrounds :*
At first, I thought he was quiet and somewhat plain. It was difficult to keep my eyes on him when I was lusting over Shingo and LOL'ing at everything Nakai said... but as most good things do, he grew on me. And A Lot. I think that's the way it works often times with Tsuyopon, he's not the first one to capture your attention but before you know it, he's grown on you and you can't believe there was a time you thought he was boring.

As it is, all the members have a special place not only within the group, but in my heart too. Tsuyopon is totally no different and over this past year or so, I have fallen madly in love with this man-even if he isn't my bias there's no way nakai would let tsu usurp him anyway. Tsuyopon is just another testament to the boys' dynamics and the integral role he plays in SMAP, very well might I add. There's nobody else in SMAP who could be as oblivious he is and get boke'd at every corner; the fact he still gets shy on stage and juniors speak more eloquent than him (according to Shingo 8DD) are just a bunch of things that make him the absolutely adorable man he is.

I remember his Return SP on SxS being one of the things I'd watched earlier on in my SMAP discovery... ness? I definitely think that was a big help in shaping the way I felt about the dood so early in my love for the boys. It said a lot that I was so affected by his return and just totally relieved over the whole thing, despite the fact I'd only been into them for two months at the time, if even that. If it were anybody else, I don't know if I'd feel the same, but in Tsuyopon's case, I've never held the drunk&naked incident against him. Besides the fact it's actually hilarious and not  a big deal at all and Tsuyopon was right to ask, 'What's wrong with being naked' anyway? P:

BUUUUUUT. I had a point. And that was that I think he is just the most sincerest and genuine person ever. I truly believe, and it could be foolish but whatever, that the gap between his image and his real self, is really not that big. I definitely think this is true within SMAP at the very least. He's just always come off as being this sweet man who could have just as easily ended up becoming a salaryman instead. That's probably what draws me in the most, his humility and his ability to still be embarrassed even after all these years and just how close he really is to being like any other average person even if he is a superstar.

Please don't even let me begin on his smile. HIS SMILE. Fuck lullabies, I'm gonna rock my babies to sleep with a picture of him smiling instead. It is singlehandedly The Most Soothing Thing The World's Ever Seen. And it doesn't feel affected at all and guuuuuuh, my brain turns into mush whenever I start thinking about it so I'm going to stop. I just hope he forever has a reason to keep smiling.

And you can't have a HBD Tsuyopon post without mentioning his acting. Because everyone knows that his acting is straight up legit' and he could drop idol'ing tomorrow and become an actor with so much ease. Except for the fact he'd probably never ever do that because he loves SMAP with all of his heart and probably babbles on about how much he loves the boys and is grateful for their existence with Shingo when they hang out sometimes what? me shipping shintsuyo? never. Pahaha, irrelevant derailment aside, he is the only member and one of the few actors whose works I go out of my way to see. I've made it my goal to watch all of his films/dramas/SPs before I die, and it's not something I would even do for say, Nakai, AND HE'S MY BIAS. P: His acting is amazing and his range is just, ridiculous! He can go from being a salaryman left to fend for himself and his daughter he's never learnt to truly love to a yakuza who works in a senior home to the sweetest glass blower you've ever met in your life who falls in love with a married woman who's lost her memory and I could go on and on and on and on, but I won't. He's brilliant and beautiful on the screen and faaaar from the Tsuyopon we've gotten to know, when he's acting. /forever blown away by his skills

Ummm. This is getting longer than I'd originally planned. I didn't even think I'd manage to type this much about the dood, but I guess it just goes to show how grateful I am for his awesome existence. I'd also like to add that out of SMAP, he's the one I want to marry. I mean, I'd date Shingo and make Poodle-chan my older brother, etcetc. but I would make Tsuyopon my husband in a heartbeat, no questions asked. |D

I need to be extremely superficial for a second here and admit that his current phase is his most handsomest phase yet. I have no idea what happened this past year but he is clearly a bottle of wine and gettin' finer with age. *g* I don't even usually go for the sharp and extremely high cheekbones, but he's completely rid me of that judgement and I'd lick them senselessly if I could. I also really love the mullet he's been growing out recently. At first I was minorly petrified, but now I and everything between my legs approve.

I'm getting the feeling this needs to end, if the paragraph above isn't proof enough, so let me tie this up somehow.

Thank you for being the awkward, gorgeous, adorable, sweet, gentle, hard working, Korean-speaking, nervous when put on the spot, extremely pretty, sweatier than most, amazingly cheekbone'd, revealing, KY, growing man that I have come to love and forever stay the way you are. I can't imagine a SMAP without you and don't ever plan to. I hope your birthday rocked and that the members recognize it in some sort of way, lol.

TL;DR: Why is this relatively coherent? And why is this the longest birthday post EVER? DD8

And as if this wasn't enough... onto the icons I've had done since Friday? xDD


   01 - 05
   06 - 10
   11 - 15
   16 - 20
  21 - 25
  26 - 30
  31 - 35
                                                                     36 - 38

- credit is kinda' necessary :Dbb
- not hotlinking would be very appreciated
- letting me know which ones you take isn't necessary but ridiculously swell, ahaha
P.S. I have no problem sharing the original pictures, so don't be afraid to ask. 8DD


At the end of the day, he's still a pimp.
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