May. 16th, 2011

I'm preeeeeetty sure you're turning 24, [ profile] faiee and if I'm wrong it just means my lurker skills are getting rusty. ♥

 OmgomgomgOMG. It's your birthday. How is it already your birthday? Yayayayayay! Let the festivities begin! First off, I srsly hope from the bottom of my heart that you don't go on lj today because you need to be oot and aboot and doing ridiculously awesome stuff that ridiculously awesome girls usually do on their birthdays. Even if that just means oggling a ridiculous what? i sense no theme amount of hot boys in jdramas. WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES. But on a more srs note. Bb? I love you and I honestly always wish the best for you, no matter what that may mean. Thank you for being one of my first legit' friends on here and humouring me and encouraging my flails and fails and just generally making me believe that inspite of how annoying I might be, I can still make friends with a cooler person than me. 8DD ALSO. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT THAT I LOVE NAKAI MOST AND I DON'T REGRET A SINGLE THING AND TY FOR FORCING ME INTO THE LIGHT. Ahahaha. ♥ Despite the fact you've been busy with RL lately and things have been a little crazy on your end, I am forever always here and force you to make entries you think you might regret because it's nice to have an outlet sometimes. All I can really give you is this block of words and reference to all those other times I've confessed my love. AND JSYK, I've been trying to write you fic for like a week but I've been stuck at the title and the first sentence this whole time. ;AA; I can't promise anything but it's one of those see-I-care-I-really-do kind of things? Baaah, idk what I mean, but you rock and I love you and I need to drop love bombs all over you some more. Like, stat. :DD

And I'm totally taking a page from your book and giving you this
It is honest to goodness the cutest thing you will ever hear in your life. AND HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE 38? MY ASS. 38 YO MEN DON'T GIGGLE LIKE THAT AND I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT. But you're one of the few people I know who'll enjoy it anyway and it's actually my favourite part of this year's ganbarimasu, because I'm biased like that. xD

But what this all really boils down to is this: Thank you for existing and letting me be a part of your life.

You're A Glorious Human Being

and 10 for you know what. ;DD



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