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 It feels really strange to already be on my third post today dedicated to Shingo's vaginal escape, hahaha. But I actually don't mind that much. I mean, it was immediate love-lust at first sight when I watched my first video of SMAP. It was an episode of Utaban and they were promoting Fly and omg. Shingo in 1999 could impregnate you with one look. :Q____

So that was the beginning of my love for him! I honestly never thought my bias would change, because I mean, here you have this gorgeous young man whose funny and sweet and ridiculously talented despite being a Johnny's and the immediate reaction that most Johnny's can't sing and knows how to make a mood out of thin air.

I definitely can't imagine a SMAP without him but then again, that goes for all of them, but his aura is remarkable and AIN'T NO ONE CAN ROCK THE HAIR AND CLOTHES THIS MAN HAS. 8DD You just can't hate him, srsly. He's definitely strange and gets away with a lot of things because he's one of the most adorable-looking things 'round these here parts and he's the baby~

To think that, that tiny, mousy-looking boy would grow up to become the massive mass of gorgeous and charm and sincerity and depth he is today. Srsly? Don't even get me started on his smile. IT DESERVES A POST OF ITS OWN BUT LET'S JUST SAY: UNNNNNNNNF.

But honestlyhonestly, I realize this actual attempt at scribbling something genuine is winding down into something incoherent, but I love the way he thinks. I can't even begin to express how much respect I have for his 'Don't give out my number to celebrities' policy and his ability to remain as grounded as possible. I find it irrevocably sweet and amazing to see him see himself as someone normal inspite of his job.

But even more than that, I love that he loves SMAP so much. He doesn't even have to mention it although he does, because it's pretty apparent in everything he does. :DD I truly believe he'll do everything in his power to make sure SMAP is forever even if it means outliving the other members and heading the name himself when he's reallyreally old, hahah. 

Even if Nakai is my bias now, there's always a soft-deep place in my heart especially reserved for Shingo and everything he's come to mean. I love that boy dearly and I still can't comprehend why I call SMAP boys even though they're nearly twice my age. Oops. 8Dbb

So, happy birthday to the only Japanese man who was born blonde he just rocks it SO HARD it may as well be his natural hair colour and is simply an amalgamation of puppies and rainbows and sunshine and laughter straight from the gut and sweet-sounding baritones and individuality and gigantic smiles and weird noises and bullying and wide shoulders and pure-unadulterated love.

If you thought I was done, guess again. 8DD
Here come the icons!



(01 - 05)
   (06 - 010)
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  (016 - 020)
(021 - 025)
(026 - 030)
(031 - 035)

- credit is kinda' necessary :Dbb
- not using these badboys as bases or hotlinking would be very appreciated
- letting me know which numbers you take would be ridicuously swell, hahah

P.S. I have no prob' sharing the original pictures, so please, don't be afraid to ask if there's any you're interested in 8DD


Are we sure Shingo-kun's really a Johnny's?
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