Not only is there nothing wrong with being naked, but there's nothing wrong with dedicating several paragraphs to a single man either )

And as if this wasn't enough... onto the icons I've had done since Friday? xDD


I love having an excuse to make even more icons~ )

At the end of the day, he's still a pimp.

I love how it's always during times I really shouldn't, that I get these things done. Like icons!
I'm NGEL, I'd say I had a good chunk of these done since February. Yeah, idkw either. I tend to make icons when I'm bored or simply want to replace one of my own which really just means I make tons between my posts. Ooooor, eventually post icons I originally had no intention of sharing. Heh. :*

Ohmygawd! Fandom icons! Finally! I really wanted to make a batch that had no SMAP whatsoever, but I clearly broke, but it's still okay. They're not the focus here. 8DD

Brought to you by procrastination~♥


smap, yoo jaesuk, kanjani8, big bang & super junior )

- credit is kinda' necessary :Dbb
- not hotlinking would be very appreciated
- letting me know which ones you take isn't necessary but ridiculously swell, hahah
P.S. I have no problem sharing the original pictures, so don't be afraid to ask. 8DD


I know you don't usually dedicate icon batches to people, but I'm doing it anyway. I dedicate this batch to [livejournal.com profile] spiralyte because not only is she my ridonkulous-and-long-comment-convo's buddy and general flailer and failer bb but she helped me come to the realization that I was being a dumbarse for always putting SMAP at the end of these things  I didn't want to intimidate the majority of the people checking these badboys out who were probably popping in for the uh-rash-ee and rainbows and has let me see the error of my ways. Thank you for threatening me repeatedly and kicking my ass. <44

This has been a long time coming, though, like, srsly. Some of these have been wasting away in my folder for nearly two months. That's crazy. DDD:

I've been so distracted by other things, especially specific icon batches (mostly hbd ones)--which kept dragging me away from my general batches (which I love to do).

Admittedly, this batch doesn't feel completely complete but it's just a way to get these out there since I like a lot of them for the most part. I realize it's kind of all over the place. My bad. I had a lot of really random kicks these past few months in terms of who I wanted to make icons of. 8DD

Let's ignore the fact I'm missing regulars like, the lovelylovely Eito ;A;

I don't think I have much else to say, strangely enough. OH! The Karei naru Ichizoku icons were mostly me getting overzealous (BAD TENDENCY BAD) and being all, Imma' make icons for each episode because fucking amazing drama is fucking amazing and it deserves that and so much more~! I finished E01 and got as far as making screencaps for E02 before I just lost all motivation because, making screencaps ACTUALLY KILLS MY HEART.

If I could stumble across a magical goldmine of screencaps of the drama, my life would genuinely be complete and I could rest in peace. :DDD

Ohwell. One day I'll get to the rest of it.


smap, uh-rash-ee, 33pun tantei & karei naru ichizoku )

Any excuse to use a Shingo-gif I've made 8DD


Srsly, you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happppppppy, when skies are gray~! 

THAT pretty much sums up Aiba and his existence in a nutshell, doesn't it? UGH, but my god, he's already 28! How do these things happen? Besides the obvious. Honestly, I forget he's eight years my senior and past the age of legal consent and an adult and just, oi. THE MAN IS BRIMMING WITH YOUTH AND BUTTERFLIES. 

He's contagious and running rampant in fangirls' hearts. You simply can't hate him. He always has the best of intentions and sees the good in everything and everyone and you just want to take him home and wrap him in a snuggie and coddle him in front of the fireplace or something. He gives me cavities. 8DD Him and Tsuyopon are very much alike in that, they just seem like the nicest of people, despite everything else.

We don't even care that he acts dumb and likes to experiment and laughs like a hyena and has a certain affinity with animals and is tall & gangly and lanky and never doesn't look gorgeous. He's the most consistent within Uh-rash-ee in terms of his looks. HE'S ALWAYS HAD A GORGEOUS FACE.

All in all, late post is late, but it's the thought that counts, hahah!! :DDD



Stay the same, Aiba-baby. I know change is inevitable, but I'm hopin' you'll always remain the giddy, lovable goof we've all come to fap over fall in love with. 8DD

I've made 28 icons plus 1 for gl, so, there you are. It's not much but I'm grateful for his existence all the same. :Dbb


HBD Aiba-chan )
I've had most of these badboys done for a while now; whenever I was in the mood to do something creative that wasn't fanfiction writing, I apparently resorted to icon-making once more.

This set was really fun, I found myself experimenting A LOT this time around. I have the next batch started already and it consists of 12 Ohno icons already that I did in less than half an hour. Dog I love that boy (man? (let's ignore the fact he looks 17 and not nearly 30).

But yup! I also included the rest of my Nino-centric icons that I hadn't posted earlier (I had to hold back many urges to not make any more of him although I succumbed and added a few more because I couldn't resist with all the dashing pictures I have of him on my computer).

P.S. If you plan on taking any, just credit me as so (credit user: [info]dictionarysays ) under the userpic's comment and all shall be good.
P.S.S. Why do I end up writing novels when I post icons? D:
P.S.S.S. Lemme' know which numbers you end up grabbing (I'm a curious beaver like that, hahah).
P.S.S.S.S. Feedback is ridiculously appreciated. :)

[1 - 8] : Sakurai Sho
[9 - 20] : Ohno Satoshi
[21 - 37] : Ninomiya Kazunari
[38 - 50] : Matsumoto Jun
[51 - 54] : Aiba Masaki
[55] : Arashi
[56] : Yama Pair
[57 - 58] : Sakumiya
[59] : Sakuraiba
[60 - 64] : Ohmiya
[65] : Ohba
[66 - 67] : Matsumiya
[68 - 69] : Kanjani∞
] : Kimura Takuya from SMAP
[71 - 73] : Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN
[74] : Daesung from Big Bang
[75] : TOP from Big Bang
[76] : Chan Kwok Kuen as Brother Sum from Kung Fu Hustle
[77] : Misc.
[78] : Bill Nye the Science Guy
[79] : Bob Marley
[80 - 81] : Kevin Spacey
[82 - 85] : Jensen Ackles

arashi, kanjani8, smap, bigbang, kung fu hustle, misc., bill nye the science guy, bob marley, kevin spacey, & jensen ackles )

Okay, so sure, Nino will never see this; he doesn't even know that more than half of us fans exist, BUT I still wanted to do this all the same. I was torn between a Nino-centric one-shot or a batch of icons (clearly I went for the latter).

Mostly because I didn't have any real idea set for the former, and I went on an unexpected Nino icon-making spree a while back. I had around 50 but I figured, I'd just post 27 (since y'know, he apparently turned 27 and not 13) and 1 for good-luck (which makes 28!).

So yeah, hahah. I just selected the best ones (well, it's obviously my own opinion, but you know when an icon's crappy or not).
That's about that.

P.S. HBD Ninomiya! It helps that you're my second favourite but my favourite brat~
P.S.S. If you plan on taking any, just credit me as so (credit user:
[info]dictionarysays ) under the userpic's comment and all shall be good.
P.S.S.S. Feedback is still ridiculously appreciated. :)

hbd!nino )
Woohoo, so a week or so later, and it looks like I've come out with another batch. They're definitely getting easier to do and somehow even more fun than the first time around.
Also, I'd just like to say that Matsujun has faaaaaaaaar too many good-looking pictures for any sane person to choose from and make icons outta'. I just kept digging through my pictures folder and I was astounded at all the awesome faces he could make. Not that the rest of Arashi has to catch up or anything, they're all disgustingly attractive and much fun to make icons with.
And yup, I again made more than just Arashi-cons, because I have lots of love to give. Hahah. ;)
P.S. I'm all cool with people taking these and even using 'em as bases (in the case of bases, I'd just like to see what you end up coming with, if it's no bother).
P.S.S. Credits would be mightily appreciated, so y'know, just input credit: dictionarysays under the userpics comment if you end up using any of these badboys, and that'll be fine (also, it'd be awesome to lemme' know which ones you end up taking, because I'm curious like that, hahah).
P.S.S.S. Feedback is ridiculously appreciated and enjoy! :)

[1 - 6] : Sakurai Sho
[7 - 16] : Ohno Satoshi
[17 - 20] : Ninomiya Kazunari
[21 - 27] : Matsumoto Jun
[28 - 33] : Aiba Masaki
[34 - 39] : Arashi Pairings
[40 - 49] Arashi
[50 - 51] : Shibutani Subaru from Kanjani

[52] : Seymour & Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors
[53] : Park Hae Jin
[54 - 55] : Kimura Takuya
[56] : Kim Hyun Joong from SS501
[57] : Jiro Wang
[58] : Higashiyama Noriyuki
[59] : Domoto Tsuyoshi
[60] : Lee Chang Min from 2AM


arashi, kanjani8, smap, je, ss501, 2am, etc. )
It looks like I've joined the icon-making bandwagon.
Admittedly, I have been intrigued and enthralled by the people who make 'em and the (usually) spectacular end results. I came up with the idea on Friday night that I would try dabbling and these bad boys are what I came up with.
At first I was all for Arashi-only icons, but 30 icons in and I really just started experimenting with several of my other Asian loves, as well.
All in all? It's been really fun, I think I'm gonna' keep doing this.
And yah, you can tell which ones were my beginning experiments and which ones I had started getting the hang of PS CS2 again.
So, here we go, I'll just number and label 'em so people know who is who, in case they spot someone new to 'em.

All comments and feedback are ridiculously appreciated, hahah.
P.S. If there's any you end up taking, just lemme' know and a nice credit'll do (I'm also all for using these as bases, just credit me and show me what you come up with, too. It'd be cool to see).
P.S.S. Enjoy! :)

[1 - 5] : Aiba Masaki
[6] : Chibi Aiba Masaki & Ohno Satoshi
[7 - 11] : Matsumoto Jun
[12 - 19] : Ninomiya Kazunari
[20 - 27] : Ohno Satoshi
[28 - 37] : Sakurai Sho
[38] : Shibutani Subaru
[39] : Shirota Yu
[40] Daigo Stardust
[41 - 42] : Kimura Takuya as Mr. Brain
[43 - 44] : Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo
[45 - 46] : Park Hyo Shin
[47] : Kang Daesung
[48] : Kwon Ji-Yong aka G-Dragon
[49] : Daniel Henney
[50] : Heok Yung Hwan
[51] : Yoo Jae-suk
[52 - 53] : Ha Dong Hoon aka HaHa
[54] : Park Myung Soo
[55] : Kim Hyung Jun
[56-57] : Kim Jong Hyun

arashi, kanjani8, misc. japanese, misc. korean, etc. )



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